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Support and travel stockings can help reduce the risk of thrombosis caused by long journeys by car, bus, train or aircraft. When it comes to sport, wearing compressive sports textiles and socks is said to improve your physical performance. Compression testing measures the pressure and pressure profile exerted by a textile on a particular part of the body.

The "HOSY" test equipment

The HOSY test equipment (Hohenstein System) was developed by the Hohenstein Institute in the early 1980s to measure the effectiveness of medical compression textiles. The device consists of 20 individual tensile testing components, each 5 cm wide, in which stockings with a maximum length of 100 cm are stretched. The easuring equipment is suitable for almost all sizes, dimensions and lengths of textile. The textiles are then stretched non-destructively to the pre-defined limit. The resulting measurements can be used to calculate the compressive effect exerted by the textile. The results are listed and the pressure profile shown on a diagram. Textiles are tested in compliance with the DIN 58133 standard which defines the requirements for medical compression hosiery and the procedures for testing it.

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