Our expertise - your success

We test the fit and optimise garment size charts as part of a project that continues over a certain period. Our main priority is to convey as much knowledge and data to you as possible.

That is why, in addition to individual assessments of the garments we have tested, you also receive garment size charts showing detailed dimensions including stretch-related tolerances. These ensure customer-friendly, uniform fit and are the ideal basis for quality assurance – whether in-house or e.g. through the independent inspectors from the Hohenstein Institute who visit the production site. Optimised size charts make the estimating of prices for repeat orders much more reliable

The benefits to you
Cost savings when planning and developing collections
Faster dispatch logistics
Reduction in the number and cost of complaints
More customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
More accurate basis for pricing, thanks to optimised size charts for use when the order is placed
More efficient quality control