Even faster and more efficient thanks to "tele-fitting"

As an additional service, we offer the so-called „tele-fitting“. Via our online customer portal your designers, buyers and pattern cutters can participate in live fitting sessions, enabling them to receive comments and suggestions for improvements directly from our experts. This will help you to make any adjustments more quickly and so speed up the delivery logistics. Naturally, the results of the fit testing are also recorded in writing.

Overview of services
Fitting test on new garments
Fitting test after one care treatment
Fitting test after three care treatments (e.g. underwear)
Test for defects in workmanship
Verification of the samples on the basis of the supplied garment size chart
Verification of conformity with DIN EN 14 682 (02.08)
Optimisation of the garment size chart on the basis of the manufacturer's measurements chart
Creation of a garment size chart without a measurements chart from the manufacturer