Colour and whiteness measurement

Nowadays, colour consistency is an important aspect of quality assurance in many different industries. We carry out colorimetric analysis and colour measurement for you using spectrophotometric equipment. The tests are based, for example, on the DIN EN ISO 11664-4 standard (Measuring the CIELab colour space). Our experts also evaluate the whiteness of white, fluorescent materials. The testing includes working out the Ganz/Griesser hue error rating (degrees of whiteness).

Data sheets
DIN EN ISO 11664-4
Colorimetry: CIELab-coordinates
DIN EN ISO 11664-4
Colorimetry: Test of the CIELab-colour difference
Colorimetry: Test of the colourmetric acceptance of colour differences (pass/fail method)
DIN 67530
Gloss value
DIN EN 410
Total energy transmission rate (g-value)
White metrics: Determination of the degree of whiteness (Ganz/Griesser, CIE)