Contract research

In addition to publicly funded projects, scientists at the Hohenstein Institute also carry out contract work for companies.

Our clients benefit from the close cooperation between researchers from a diverse range of scientific disciplines. In the context of contract research, you have access to combined expertise from the fields of textiles, medicine, human biology, chemistry or physics for the development and optimisation of existing products or processes as well as researching product innovations - all from a single source.

You can experience an additional extension to this unique expertise as a result of our involvement in various national and international research networks, which gives us up-to-date access to the latest scientific discoveries and state-of-the art technology in a wide range of sectors.

  • For questions relating to wearing comfort (clothing physiology), clothing technology and 3D scanning, functionalisation/finishing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and industrial laundries, Dr. Jan Beringer is available as your point of contact.
  • In the specialist department of Hygiene, Environment & Medicine, Nadja Berner-Dannenmann is your point of contact for all questions relating to biological safety and effectiveness in the interaction between products and people or products and the environment.

Contact person

Dr. Jan
+49 7143 271-714
+49 7143 271-94714

Contact person

+49 7143 271-431
+49 7143 271-94431