Sport and leisure

Clothing for sportswear and outdoor and leisure activities requires hard-wearing, functional and skin-friendly materials , a high degree of comfort, combined with excellent fit and easy-care characteristics . For manufacturers wishing to have the quality of their articles assessed for these features by an independent organisation, the Hohenstein Institute can offer comprehensive laboratory tests and valuable certification schemes in order to endorse certain product characteristics at the point of sale.

For example, we can recommend our quantitative evaluation of the physiological comfort of textile materials or complete garments, including equipment such as sleepiong bags, taking account of factors such as thermal insulation, breathability and skin-sensory characteristics. Further tests can also be used to calculate the performance of the textiles and their behaviour during and after washing . Testing the quality of the processing and the fit of clothing helps ensure that the number of complaints on market launch is reduced to a minimum.

For successful product development, it is also advantageous to have independent verification of specific product functions . Examples of these include the UV protection factor of the material, the effectiveness of any dirt-repellent treatment (e.g. based on nano-technology) and the antimicrobial, odour-inhibiting or insect-repellent effect of any treatment. To these can be added, for example, our odour analysis, which can be used to quantify and compare the odour of different materials.

With regard to the safety of textiles, we can offer you testing for harmful substances in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 . It can also be useful to add to this the product testing required to obtain the Hohenstein "Skin-friendly" and "Allergy-friendly" quality labels , to exclude any potential irritation or allergies caused by the textiles.

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