Clothing and textile equipment for the military forces or other public organisations have special functional properties which provide maximum support to the armed forces in their daily work. With its wide-ranging expertise, the Hohenstein Institute is able to offer public procurers such as the army a great deal of help in selecting suitable textiles.

This includes, for example, testing the fit of uniform components and carrying out serial measurement surveys to assess current body sizes, and also developing technical specifications in close cooperation with the customer, and then testing the product against the quality guidelines that have been produced. It is also possible to calculate the effect of the clothing systems on the mental performance of the troops. For successful product development, it is also advantageous to have independent verification of specific product functions such as the antimicrobial, odour-inhibiting or insect-repellent effect of treatments, including the skin penetration of harmful substances from treatments or finishing processes, e.g. for ABC protective suits.

We can also check other product features you require, such as the camouflage effect, UV protection , skin friendliness or comfort properties of textile articles and can give you specific support on developing materials with innovative properties and protective functions such as uniform materials which absorb infrared radiation.

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