Medicine and hygiene

Innovative research work in an interdisciplinary team of medical experts, biologists, chemists and textile scientists, an extensive range of testing and certification schemes together with personalised advisory services for companies from all sectors - these are among the core competences of the Hohenstein Institute in the fields of applied hygiene and medical solutions.

For example, we can offer you all-round hygiene management services including testing the microbiological quality of water, food or complete environments, monitoring the bacterial contamination of surfaces, producing complete hygiene plans and evaluating the hygiene effectiveness of domestic washing processes. In the field of textile hygiene, we can check the barrier effect of medical textiles and personal protection equipment, the microbiological bacterial contamination of feather/down and washing products and the effectiveness of disinfectant washing processes. For biofunctional textiles, we can provide you with verification of the antibacterial, antifungicidal or antiviral effect of treatments or textile constructions. The product features which we can test also include the effectiveness of textiles with regard to insect-repellent properties and questions relating to skin penetration by substances in textile depot structures. We also test the effectiveness of textiles with regard to physiological and pathogenic biomarkers such as their potential for causing allergies or stress.

For healthcare services, we develop and optimise new products and procedures which will enable the more effective treatment, diagnosis and prevention of illnesses in the future. An important focus for our work is wound treatment using dressings dosed with active substances, or biotherapeutic medical textiles, along with innovative technologies nad materials for regenerative medicine (textile implants). Our meaningful evaluation systems, which do not depend on animal testing, for assessing the potential of textiles to cause allergy or irritation will enable you to tailor the manufacture of your products to achieve maximum skin compatibility. Textile-based diagnostic systems, textile products for individualised patient support (e.g. by improved heat management in the operating theatre or by preventing bed sores) anbd reusable operating theatre gowns with the best possible barrier effect that are comfortable to wear are other areas in which we are contributing to progress in healthcare provision.

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