The Hohenstein Institute provides commercial laundries and textile leasing companies with a wide range of services , Tests and Certifications for a successful positioning in the market. Within the scope of research projects our scientists develop technological innovations to optimise operating procedures in laundries. We convey our many years of expertise in the area of professional textile care by holding regular practical seminars for company managers and laundry employees. Furthermore, we support laundry companies in the solving of problem cases – for example by a competent damage assessment or troubleshooting the different reprocessing processes. Other services which we offer include environmental analytical tests, such as waste water tests, and detailed information for companies on optimising hygiene management .

For many years another central task of the Hohenstein Institute has been quality assurance for about 360 member companies of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services according to the specifications of the RAL Quality Certification Mark 992. This includes primarily hygiene monitoring according to the currently valid quality regulations for domestic and commercial laundry (RAL-GZ 992/1), Hospital laundry (RAL-GZ 992/2) as well as laundry from food product companies (RAL-GZ 992/3). However, there are also numerous other services through to benchmarking and joint press and public relations work which are intended to provide the laundry companies of the German Certification Association with knowledge ahead of their competitors. Within the scope of infection protection, we also test the virucidal and bactericidal effect of disinfecting washing methods for the laundry sector and prepare specialised hygienic reports for the reprocessing of hospital textiles.

For leasing companies the Hohenstein Institute offers not only its services concerning correct reprocessing of work and professional clothing through to personal protective equipment but also numerous tests and certifications, under commercial conditions of course, with respect to the selection and quality monitoring of suitable leasing products . For example, performance , fit and processing tests and tests for harmful substances , as well as tests to determine the wear comfort or to verify functional properties , such as UV protection factor , dirt-repellent or anti-microbial effect. In addition, the Hohenstein Quality Standards 701 ff. were developed especially for textile service providers and can independently verify the leasing suitability of different textile products.

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