Clothing and fashion

The Hohenstein Institute offers fashion companies and other clothing manufacturers a wide range of independent quality assessments , on the basis of which the companies can develop and market their products . These include, for example, determining the fibre composition in accordance with the Textile Labelling Act, examining the normal use characteristics (e.g. sensitivity to abrasion, pilling, stretching behaviour) and checking the colour-fastness and care characteristics of the textiles. Another important aspect is to provide an efficient evaluation of the fit and the quality of the processing of the garments and to test for possible harmful substances . If required, clothing companies which have their goods made in othe rproduction countries, can also make use of our inspection service , whereby our experts can monitor specific quality features before, during and after production.

In addition to the textile testing in our laboratories, we also support the fashion industry with other services, ranging from advice on defining terms of delivery and quality guidelines to customised training courses for customers on technical clothing-related matters. On request, our experts will provide expert opinions in cases involving damage , carry out measurement surveys to produce up-to-date physical data on particular customer target groups and develop and optimise tables of finished garment dimensions for manufacturers. We also make specific findings from our research projects available to any companies that are interested - for example, a language database of technical clothing-related terms, to improve communication between production partners , detailed physical data and dimensions tables for the larger woman and seminars on calculating the tolerances required for finished product and processing dimensions.

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