Baby and child

For the manufacturers of babies' and children's clothing developing and marketing their products, the Hohenstein Institute offers a wide range of tests and certification schemes , which enable numerous quality features to be monitored and verified. Alongside the usual services such as identifying the fibre composition for compliance with the Textile Labelling Act, testing performance , colour-fastness, care characteristics , fit , safety aspects play a particularly important role in relation to textiles for babies and toddlers.

With the help of our articulated thermal doll "Charlene", we can calculate parameters such as thermal insulation, breathability and skin sensory characteristics, so as to specifically help you to optimise the comfort characteristics of children's clothing or the sleep comfort rating of bedding and bed-linen for children.

With regard to healthiness, clothing manufacturers and the producers of towels, bed-linen, bedding and textile toys can have their articles tested for possible harmful substances under the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 . With the Hohenstein "Skin-friendly" and "Allergy-friendly" quality labels, effect-based tests can be carried out in the laboratories of the Hohenstein Institute to establish whether the materials could cause skin irritations or allergies.

As one of the basic requirements for clothing for children up to age 14, the Hohenstein experts also check whether the garments include any dangerous cords or laces as defined under DIN EN 14682, which could lead to injury. For manufacturers producing children's articles for the US American market, the Hohenstein Institute also checks and confirms whether the goods comply with the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) with regard to the total lead content and the required flame-retardant properties (e.g. for sleep-suits).

Testing the safety of products is not restricted just to textiles. Even at play time the safety and quality of toys are of primary importance. To guarantee that products are safe and of high quality, the Hohenstein Institute offers to test toys based on European directives and harmonised standards. We test toys, etc. independently and objectively for mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical safety in accredited laboratories.

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