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Below you can find press releases on research projects and services offered by the Hohenstein Institute. Through the support of a wide range of other institutions throughout the textile manufacturing chain, we can support you in your research work and beyond and provide you with the details of experts for interview and specialist authors.

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MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® establishes itself in the home textile sector
OEKO-TEX® fair booth in hall 8.0, D96 at Heimtextil 2018

Safe in terms of human ecology and yet sustainably produced: these criteria are becoming increasingly important to consumers when buying home textiles. With MADE IN GREEN, OEKO-TEX® offers a label that transparently communicates these product ... 

Topic area: OEKO-TEX® | 2254-EN

Close to customers and the demands of the market
Hohenstein has restructured their operational areas

To fulfil current market demands more effectively, the Hohenstein Group in Bönnigheim has restructured their divisions as of 14.11.17. By restructuring divisions, the Hohenstein Group optimises the ranges of services available to customers from the ... 

Topic area: General | 763-EN

Sustainable building using sheep's wool insulation

In an exploratory project, an environmentally-friendly process has been developed for treating sheep's wool to protect it from moth damage without using insecticides. The aim of the project, sponsored by the BMBF, was to make usable eco-friendly ... 

Topic area: Hygiene, Environment & Medicine | 762-EN

Organic cotton? Verification is better!
The traceability of GMO-free cotton from seed to shirt.

Organic cotton is in high demand on the world market. To guarantee that manufactured cotton is genuinely organic, laboratory testing is required. Whether cotton and cotton-based end products contain genetic modifications can therefore be reliably ... 

Topic area: Hygiene, Environment & Medicine | 760-EN

New processes for cleaning high-visibility clothing to maintain its value and functionality over extended time periods
A new research project at the Hohenstein Group aims to develop product- and application-specific reference cleaning processes for high-visibility clothing. Eventually, textile service companies can use the results as a basis to optimize their own methods.

Employees in many industries are protected from possible hazards by wearing high-visibility clothing during their activities. One important example are people working on roads or railway tracks. However, during the work, the high-visibility clothing ... 

Topic area: Textile care and -service | 759-EN