Which name should we give to the new family member?

“Charlie” is one of the most senior and most well-known employees of the Hohenstein Institute: The thermal manikin has been devoting its services to the quest for more wear comfort since the late 1960s. Since 2008, “Charlie” has been supported by the children's manikin “Charlene” .

Please give your vote to help us find a name for the most recent addition to the family – another adult manikin. The Hohenstein employees provided a large number of suggestions, three of which have now been chosen for the final selection.

Please vote to give the new testing device a name and for a chance to win one of our great prizes.

Choose from the following names:

Isaac – The manufacturer gave the test device the designation “Newton”. It is common practice for the testing institutes to rename their manikins. And what could be more obvious than using the forename of the great scientist Isaac Newton ?

Carl – The possible patron Carl Lewis was one of the most successful track-and-field athletes of sports history. He was known for his speed and his versatility. The same also applies to our new testing device. Do you agree that it should therefore be named after one of the greatest athletes of the century?

Sherlock – The legendary Sherlock Holmes and the equally famous Dr. Watson were the perfect team for solving tricky crimes. The new thermal manikin and the recently added test device for thermal discharge (WärmeAbgabeTester) “WATson” work equally well together. If you cannot imagine a Sherlock without a Watson, please vote for this name!