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16-Mar-2017 | 728-EN

Hohenstein Webinar: “The Components of Comfortable Clothing - The Science behind Thermophysiological and Skin Sensorial Comfort”

Dr. Jan Beringer will present an online seminar discussing the important characteristics of textiles and clothing that contribute to comfort.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 29 at 12:00 Noon EST.
Free online rtrishegistration is available at:

Hohenstein scientists are experts in clothing physiology, the study of the interaction between clothing, the body, and the ambient climate. Comfort is critical for consumer satisfaction but studies have proven that comfort is also important for optimal performance and psychological well-being. Hohenstein’s research work has identified three major components of comfort:

  • Thermophysiological comfort encompasses the ways that apparel helps the wearer maintain a comfortable body temperature in different climates and at different activity levels.
  • Skin sensorial comfort captures how clothing feels when it contacts the body.
  • Ergonomical comfort results from apparel that is designed with the wearer’s typical movements in mind and that is well constructed and sized correctly.

In addition to developing test methods to analyze these components of comfort, Hohenstein has designed proprietary technology to measure how textiles and apparel perform on comfort criteria. With equipment that mimics thermoregulation through human skin to highly sensitive thermal manikins, Hohenstein experts can closely replicate the actual wearing experience to quantify thermophysiological, skin sensorial, and ergonomic properties and identify marketable benefits as well as opportunities for design and construction improvements.

“Comfort does not happen automatically,” says Beringer. “Comfort is the result of thoughtful, informed product development that considers all the relevant parameters -from fiber choice to fabric design to cut and sew specifications - from the wearer’s perspective. We can help manufacturers, brands, and retailers identify the pertinent elements and design a customized test plan to confirm that ideal performance and comfort is attained.”

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