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02-Jun-2016 | 698-EN

Hohenstein Webinar Series: “Keeping Mold at Bay: Exploration and Solutions for Textile and Apparel Factories”

June 22, 2016 at 12:00 Noon EST

Bönnigheim, June 1, 2016— In today’s global market, consumer products and their many components can travel extensively before ending up in a retail store. Weeks in a factory, shipping container, or warehouse can subject textiles, leather, wood, and other organic products to many risks including damage from mold. Dr. Anja Gerhardts of Hohenstein’s William-Küster Institute for Hygiene, Environment and Medicine will present a webinar discussing the risk factors for mold infestations and actions facilities can take to protect themselves. The free online seminar will be held on Wednesday, June 22 at 12:00 Noon EST. Click here to register.

Mold infestations can cause bad odors, material degradation, and unsightly stains on textile, wood, and leather products. In addition, mold infestations generate toxins that can cause serious human health concerns, potentially affecting workers, retailers, and even consumers. Dr. Gerhardts will describe the science behind mold infestations, the available preventive measures and treatments, and the comprehensive risk management strategies Hohenstein has developed for facilities across the supply chain spectrum.

“The loss of a single container of goods due to mold damage can be financially devastating,” says Dr. Gerhardts. “Not to mention the negative impact an incident can have on customer service and a company’s quality reputation. Understanding and minimizing mold risk is critically important for any company involved in global sourcing and manufacturing.”

Hohenstein offers mold risk assessment services for facilities. Hohenstein experts will conduct onsite inspections that result in a certified rating that can be used in marketing and customer service programs. The assessment can also include practical quality assurance recommendations for preventing mold outbreaks that are specific to the climates and operating conditions of each facility that is evaluated.

To participate in Dr. Gerhardts’s webinar, register by clicking here or visit

Hohenstein’s complete library of webinars and more information about testing and certification services are available on Hohenstein’s website or by emailing Ben Mead at Hohenstein Institute America at

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