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12-May-2016 | 696-EN

Public Tenders - Best Chance for Acceptance

In accordance with the new EU procurement directive 2014/24/EU, the RAL Quality Certification Marks 992 can be requested across Europe as proof of compliance with specific standards.

BÖNNIGHEIM (IS) In Germany, public customers such as the federal government, federal states and municipalities award contracts worth an estimated Euro 300 billion each year (EU: approx. Euro 1,500 billion). The public sector is an interesting target group for textile service providers in particular as it includes clinics, retirement and care homes and other communal institutions.

The amendment to the EU procurement directive, which was implemented in April 2016, should make the award process easier, more flexible and more user friendly, including in Germany. At the same time, the legal certainty for companies and public customers should be increased with the inclusion of social and ecological aspects. Article 43 of directive 2014/24/EU on the awarding of public contracts now permits the use of quality certification marks as a basis for a tender if certain requirements are met. Until now, public customers had to individually list the criteria of a particular certificate without being able to demand a specific quality certification mark.

With its requirement for neutrality, transparency and equal opportunities, the RAL Quality Certification Marks 992 from the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services meets the prerequisites to permit it to be used in the contracting process. Furthermore, the use of the RAL Quality Certification Marks 992 is seen as proof of the permanent suitability of bidders based on the mandatory self monitoring and external monitoring. In contrast, bidders who do not have the RAL Quality Certification Marks but who meet the requirements must provide corresponding test certifications for each tender. In addition, a valid RAL Certificate guarantees compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and provisions. The RAL Quality Certification Marks 992 are thus considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy. The construct of continual monitoring of the quality and test regulations up until the revocation of the certificate by the certification association as a last resort is unique.

Public contracting authorities can significantly streamline the contracting process and make it more secure if they recognise the RAL Quality Certification Mark in their tenders as proof of the bidder's qualification and technical specification. The RAL Quality Certification Mark offers the tender authority an exact requirement profile as a result of the reliable criteria and performance requirements which are maintained at the latest technical standard. A more detailed check of the offers is no longer required. Conversely, the bidder learns which requirements he must meet and which criteria are used by the contracting authority to check suitability.

Quality certification marks are permitted as a basis for a tender under the following conditions as per Article 43 of directive 2014/24/EU:
  • the quality certification mark requirements relate to criteria that are linked to the contract item or the product and which are suitable for the determination of the characteristics of the contract item
  • the quality certification mark requirements are based on objective verifiable and non-discriminatory criteria
  • the quality certification marks are introduced within the framework of an open and transparent process in which all relevant parties can take part
  • the quality certification marks are accessible for all stakeholders
  • the requirements of the quality certification marks are determined by a third party on whom no significant influence can be exerted by the economic operators who are applying for the quality certification mark

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