OEKO-TEX® product portfolio 2017: Complying to Detox and ZDHC” - What you as supplier, brand or manufacturer should know and do

Category: Seminar/Workshop
Date:12-Oct-2017 - 12-Oct-2017
Location:National Exhibition and Convention Center / 国际会展中心(上海)
China PRC
Organiser:Hohenstein Textile Testing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

  • Venue:
    Hall 5.2 | All About Sustainability Forum Space
  • Speaker:
    Mr Charles Nie
  • Registration:
    Please send an e-mail to marketing@hohenstein.cn to register for free.
  • Background:
    As many of you know, Greenpeace launched their Detox campaign in 2011 to shed a light on toxic water pollution issues that a portion of the global apparel and textile industries are creating. Against that background, the OEKO-TEX® Association which has offered services regarding the human-ecological product safety for 25 years now, has extended its existing product portfolio. Today, it helps the companies along the textile chain through to brands and retailers to control their input, production processes and product output to follow the “DETOX” goals and improve their product safety, competitiveness and image with regard to sustainable aspects.

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