Optimisation of production

Problems in the production process or with manufacturing operations can lead to expensive complaints and have a negative effect on relationships with customers in the long-term.

Experts at the Hohenstein Institute are familiar with all stages of production throughout the textile value chain and are therefore able to provide you with expert assistance with any problems that arise from the manufacturing of fibres and fabrics to finishing through to the manufacture of finished products. We even offer “Competence in Textiles Worldwide”.

Through our overseas offices and our independent inspection teams we are also able to take samples from the production process at production sites throughout the world, or to make a visual assessment on-site and subsequently to run an extensive range of tests within a few days.

Unlike other test institute, we do not limit ourselves to providing you with the results of the tests, however. Instead, in the event of deviations from the defined minimum requirements or standard specifications, we make our expert knowledge available to you or your preliminary suppliers to remedy any faults or defects.

Within the regular OEKO-TEX® factory visits our textile experts also support you in optimising your production processes in addition to addressing current problems.